I had an emergency. My home was due to be auctioned off at a Trustee’s Sale on Friday of that week, so I needed help fast. Mr Reynolds and his assistant, Joy, had my bankruptcy petition completed and filed in less than 48 hours. They were able to save my home.


Yakima Bankruptcy Lawyer
About Robert J. Reynolds, PS

Robert J. Reynolds owns and manages Robert J. Reynolds P.S. and has helped thousands of people with debt in Yakima and all over Washington State obtain a financial fresh start since 1974. He is a member of the Washington State Bar Association # 5796. He obtained his law degree at the University of Chicago Law School in 1974 and has enjoyed being a Yakima bankruptcy lawyer and helping people reclaim control of their finances ever since.

Bob Reynolds served many years as a panel trustee in the Eastern District of Washington and is well aware of the considerations used by the trustees when they analyze your case to determine if you have non-exempt assets that can be used to pay your debts. His experience as a panel trustee greatly increases his abilities as a Yakima bankruptcy lawyer.


We at Robert J. Reynolds P.S. understand that even considering bankruptcy as an option is an emotional as well as a financial decision. We understand that most people want to pay their bills and only consider bankruptcy when confronted with extenuating circumstances, such as extended unemployment, serious illness, or the myriad of financial problems associated with divorce. Robert J. Reynolds 40 years experience with his Yakima bankruptcy practice will be sensitive to your specific circumstances.


We are organized and trained to get you the protection of the Bankruptcy Court as quickly and efficiently as possible to protect your home from a foreclosure sale or stop a wage garnishment. You will find that our services for Yakima bankruptcy are available to you at a very reasonable cost.

The experienced staff at Robert J. Reynolds P.S. is ready to provide the highest quality consumer bankruptcy advice to help you as you work through the complex bankruptcy process to obtain a fresh start for yourself and your family.